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XRifle Introduction

XRifle, Passive RIS, represents a transformative leap in 5G mmWave signal control. Operating at a frequency of 28 GHz, this fFixed-bBeam reflectarray antenna reflector is designed to reshape the landscape of signal distribution, particularly in targeting blind areas. In the realm of 5G FR2, where obstacles challenge optimal coverage, passive RIS precision customization empowers users to reshape signal distribution.
XRifle allows low-cost customization of mmWave signal distribution, covering dead zones and strategically crafting signal reach, unlocking the true potential of mmWave frequencies.

Why XRifle?

Advanced Precision

The 51x51 element array offers unmatched control in signal redirection, ensuring precise coverage in complex environments.

Passive Efficiency

XRifle's passive operation eliminates the need for external power, significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Customizable Coverage

With eight adjustable reflection angles, XRifle allows for tailored signal distribution, optimizing mmWave coverage while reducing infrastructure needs.

Solutions comparison

Small Cell RepeaterXRifle ReflectorRIS
Technology Readiness LevelMediumHigh πŸ†Low
Installation CostHighLow πŸ†Medium
Installation DifficultyHighLow πŸ†High
Operating CostHighLow πŸ†Medium
Maintenance CostsHighLow πŸ†High
Regulatory RestrictionsHighLow πŸ†High

How do the XRifle Reflectors Work?

XRifle's unique 51 by 51 element array allows for nuanced control over mmWave signals, facilitating the creation of targeted signal hot- and cold-zones. This advanced feature is complemented by its array of eight reflectors, each configured with varying incidence and reflection angles, such as the ES0045 featuring a 0-degree incidence and 45-degree reflection angle. This design ensures precise redirection of mmWave signals, optimizing coverage even in challenging environments.

Eight Angles

The eight commonly used reflection angles offered by XRifle Reflector help re-distribute mmWave signals to where they are needed the most, allowing telecom and system integrators to extend coverage and reduce the need for additional mmWave base stations, reducing overall costs.

Eight angles

Key Features

High-Density Element ArrayEnables unparalleled precision in signal control and redirection.
Passive OperationNo need for external power, ultra-low installation cost, zero maintenance.
FR2 Band CompatibilityImmediate deployment for FR2 n257/n261 networks.
Eight Standard ModelsSimplifies mmWave signal coverage planning with cost-effective standard angles.
40 dB GainRemarkable extension of mmWave signal coverage.
2 Meter to Infinite RangeOffers versatile coverage planning for various environments.

XRifle Specs

ParameterUnitFrequency band
Frequency bandGHz26 - 30
Angle of Incidencedeg0000
Angle of Reflectiondeg15 Β±130 Β±345 Β±460 Β±8
RCS Gain @28GHzdB75.374.973.369.9
Realized Peak Gain
(BBox One, as transmitter, is placed
2 m away from the reflector)
3 dB Beamwidth @28GHzdeg2.
Distance from transmitterm> 2 meters
Reflector Sizemm280 x 280 x 1.6

Typical Performance

Please refer to the datasheet for further details on the performance of each XRifle reflector.


Revolutionizing FR2 mmWave Deployment with mmW-Coverage

mmW-Coverage unites XRifle rReflector and mmW-SDR technologies for superior FR2 mmWave signal distribution. Ideal for both 5G FR2 research and field base station deployment, it integrates XRifle's signal reflector with mmW-SDR’s BBox 5G beamformers, UD Box frequency converter, and SDR.

mmW-Coverage expertly emulates gNB and UE in a testbed setup, efficiently redistributing signals for optimal coverage. This reduces the complexities and costs associated with base station deployment. Experience the blend of performance and cost-effectiveness in 5G network implementation with mmW-Coverage.

Experience XRifle Reflector

Experience XRifle Reflector in our 3D interactive demo room
Smart Deployment Simulation with XRifle Reflector.


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