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TMYTEK’s Power Detector Introduction

This useful power detector has a wide frequency range compatible with various RF sources, as well as a compact design for easy integration into a variety of applications. The detector ensures precise power measurement, making it an important tool in RF applications for monitoring and controlling signal strength.

Why TMYTEK’s Power Detector?


Operates over a broad frequency range of 100 MHz to 40 GHz, ideal for a wide range of RF applications.

Exceptional Flatness

Maintains a flat response of ±1 dB from 200 MHz to 30 GHz for consistent measurement accuracy.

GUI Ready

An intuitive GUI for simpler use and an excellent user experience.


Its simple and very cost-effective design makes it ideal for use in schools/universities, laboratories, etc.

Power Detector Specs

Operating Frequency---GHz0.1---40
Dynamic Range---dB---35---
Input Impedance---Ω50------
Temperature Range----40---105
Supply Voltage---V3.3------
Current Consumption---mA---200---



Use Case: Quick Link Budget Power Check Experiment

In the deployment of a communication system, a power detector is instrumental for real-time validation of power for each RF path in the link budget chain, crucial for ensuring the system's link quality and performance.

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