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The mmW-OAI is a 5G FR2 Standalone Open-Source Platform for a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network for research and small-scale deployment.

Key Features & Benefit

FEM TDD supported

FEM time division control integrated. developer can set different transmission mode via API to fulfill the user requirements.

Throughput Test

5G NR SA End to End testing with fully monitor the OAI stack log. Help developer to understand the stack details of connection established, DL/UL transmission, etc. System could be backward configured to FR1 for more testing purposes.

Beam Steering Function Ready

Beam control API supported and integrated in the OAI stack. Developer can configure the FEM via API and then trigger specific BeamID in short period.

mmW-OAI Architecture

The mmW-OAI testbed integrates millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology with OpenAirInterface (OAI) to form a complete 5G FR2 testing environment. This system includes mmWave beamformers, frequency converters, and a powerful PC with an advanced OAI software stack. Essential for thorough testing, the setup allows for comprehensive simulations and debugging across various network layers—from the User Equipment (UE) to the gNB and the core network.

Base station (BS)
OAIBOX runs gNB and CN5G. The antenna ports of OAIBOX connect to SDR, which acts as a transceiver and the UD Box converts the uplink/downlink signal. At any given moment, the UD Box either transmits or receives mmWave signals to/from the 5G beamformer.

User equipment (UE)
Three types of UEs are suited for different scenarios. OAI UE offers the most flexibility for network and wireless developers. UEs such as the iPhone 14 Pro provide the most commercialized experiences, and COTS UEs lie somewhere in-between.

Structure of mmW-OAI

OAIBOX mmWave Dashboard - 5G Open Source Made Simple

The OAIBOX mmWave Dashboard is a cloud-based, intuitive interface designed for the real-time monitoring and control of gNB and CN5G systems. It focuses on displaying key performance indicators (KPIs), essential for communication developers to evaluate and improve 5G network functionalities. This dashboard enhances the ease of 5G operations and integrates with tools like Wireshark, facilitating comprehensive analysis and a deeper understanding of the 5G protocol stack across live test networks.

mmW-OAI Applications

mmW-OAI utilizes the OpenAirInterface (OAI) stack, which is fully open-source and extendable for researchers interested in beam management algorithms and 6G applications like Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS).


mmW-OAI is a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network ideal for research applications. Its open-source nature and full control allow researchers to customize and optimize the network to their specific needs.

Private network

mmW-OAI provides a complete 5G FR2 end-to-end testing network perfect for small-scale deployment. Its open-source nature and full control make it an excellent platform for building private networks, providing organizations with greater control over their 5G network infrastructure.

E2E Test: Hardware Setup

The core network and gNB software stacks are running on a powerful server, grabbing data from high-speed interfaces such as optical fiber, which connects the server to the SDR, X410, acting as the transceiver. The UDBox then converts the modulated signal to mmWave and emits it into the air. Both the gNB and UE sides use similar hardware configurations, with the main difference being the PC capabilities— the PC on the gNB side also handles the 5GC core network role, unlike the UE side. Complementing this, our system supports various UEs: the OAI UE, which is open-source and enables developers to study detailed communication statuses, achieving throughput up to 50 Mbps; and the commercial COTS UE, leveraging Qualcomm hardware to achieve throughputs between 300 and 500 Mbps, with a solid base at 300 Mbps.

E2E Test: Hardware Setup

Solution Packages

The mmW-OAI provides a versatile and customizable test environment that combines the benefits of mmWave technology with the flexibility of the OAI platform. This enables the emulation of gNB and UE, supports mmWave beamforming, facilitates frequency conversion, and provides powerful software tools for network monitoring and analysis.

Solution Package - CN + gNB

Core Network(CN) + Base Station (gNB)

  • A powerful OAIBOX server PC runs gNB and CN5G. The OAIBOX request data via high speed LAN from SDR X410
  • SDR X410 acts as a data transceiver
  • UDBox converts the uplink/downlink signal from IF to RF frequency and send or receive from beamformer
  • BBoxOne 5G 28GHz beamformer which emits or receives the RF modulated signal in mmWave band over the air
  • Solution Package - CN + gNB

    Solution Package - UE

    User equipment (UE)

  • Variety types of UEs are suited for different scenarios
  • OAI UE offers the most flexibility for network and wireless developers, who focus on analysis the stack behavior of UE sides
  • ommercial UE uch as the commercial mobile, such as iPhone 14 Pro, provides the most commercialized experiences
  • COTS UEs is a FR2 Module which is suitable for those players who is focusing on gNB side
  • Solution Package - UE

    Key Parameters

    Cellular Technology3GPPFrequency bandsChannel bandwidthTransmission modeSCSModulation schemesSupported modesDuplex modeFrame Configuration
    5G NR SA (OAI 5G CN + OAI gNB)Release 16n25750MHzSISO120 KHz256 QAM in DL, and 16QAM in ULSATDDDDDSU

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