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What's Amplifier?

A TMYTEK design high-frequency amplifier is a device used in electronic systems to boost the strength of radio frequency (RF) signals. It’s designed for demanding communication applications and wireless technology. This amplifier features a wide operational frequency range from 20 GHz to 40 GHz. Powered by 12V and offering 100mW (+20 dBm) RF power with consistent efficiency across its entire input voltage range, thanks to its integrated internal DC-DC conversion circuitry. The device is designed in a robust and compact chassis and equipped with K-type (2.92mm) connectors, ensuring reliability and durability.

Why TMYTEK’s amplifier?


Supports multiple mmWave applications and standards from 20 to 40 GHz that covered SATCOM Ka and 5G FR2 applications.


Amplification suitable for high-speed data transmission in mmWave bands while offering 17dB gain and +20 dBm OP1dB.

Integration Friendly

Compact design with a single DC supply and standard K-type connector suitable for easy and flexible experimental setup.

Amplifier Specs

Operating Frequency---GHz20---40
Small Signal Gain20 to 30 GHzdB15---20
30 to 40 GHzdB18---23
Output P1dB20 GHzdBm---21---
30 GHzdBm---21---
40 GHzdBm---18---
Noise Figure---dB---7---
Input Return Loss (S11)---dB----7---
Output Return Loss (S22)---dB----10---
Supply Voltage---V---12---
Supply Current---mA95115



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