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5G/B5G Beamforming Educational Kit

TMYTEK BBoard is an affordable 5G/B5G Beamforming Educational Kit

Build for Education

BBoard helps university professors save time and effort in courseware preparation. By adjusting the phase and the gain of each RF channels and observing the result on instrumentation, students can establish the connection between the theory and the real-world.

Build for Research

The antenna engineers utilize BBoard to verify their designs; communication developers demonstrate the protocol and beam management algorithm via true mmWave beamformer.

Optional accessory AA Kit (Array Antenna Kit) works perfectly with BBoard for students and engineers to obtain more insights about beamforming .

Antenna engineers utilize BBoard to verify their designs by docking antenna into BBoard and to obtain more insights about beamforming.

mmWave Beamformer with GUI

Software-controllable phase shifters offer 5.625 deg resolution and make BBoard a versatile beamformer. BBoard combines four RF ports with one COM port. By connecting an array antenna, BBoard turns into a full-fledged phased array and mimics the antenna used in UE.

API included, compatible with LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, C#, C++ and other programming languages.

Unleash control with WEB-TLK. Effortlessly manage TMYTEK hardware through any web browser.

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mmWave Beamformer with GUI that engineers and students can control phase and gain with ease.

Key Features

  • Affordable mmWave beamformer
  • 5G FR2 supported: 26.5-29.5 GHz and 37.0-40.0 GHz
  • 360 deg phase range with 5.625 deg resolution (6-bit)
  • 15 dB gain range with 0.5 dB resolution
  • 4 bi-directional RF channels with PAs, LNAs, PSs, and TR switches
  • GUI and API ready
4 bi-directional RF channels with PAs, LNAs, PSs, and TR switches and Software-controlled GUI, all in this affordable mmWave beamformer.


28 GHz39 GHz
Frequency RangeWithout antennaGHz26.52829.5373940
Maximum GainTx ModedB151821141720
Rx ModedB11141771013
Noise FigureRx ModedB...1416...1619
OP1dBTx ModedBm810.51281012
IP1dBRx ModedBm-23-21-19-23-21-19
Phase Shifting Rangedeg...360......360...
Phase Shifting Stepdeg...5.625......5.625...


Front of BBoard. Four channels of RF ports that can dock in antennas.
Back of BBoard. DC IN port, RF COM port, LAN port and power button

Dimensions:107 x 100 x 39 (mm)

Comparison of TMYTEK Beamformer

ParameterBBox OneBBox LiteBBoard
Serial 28 Frequency (GHz)26.5 - 29.526.5 - 29.526.5 - 29.5
Serial 39 Frequency (GHz)37.0 - 40.037.0 - 40.037.0 - 40.0
RF Channels4 x 41 x 41 x 4
Dimensions (mm)156 x 82 x 82124 x 102 x 104107 x 100 x 39
Antenna Kit
Thermal Design
Phase Calibration
Gain Calibration
Aluminum Housing
Advanced Gul

[*] A 1x4 serial patch array antenna with 15 dB gain is available. Please contact for more details.

Information & Documentation

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