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UD Box 5G dual channel with great thermal ventilation design.

UD Box 5G

An Ultra-Broadband 5G NR mmWave Frequency Converter

Cover up to 44 GHz

Why UD Box 5G?

TMYTEK UD Box is an up/down converter with an integrated mixer, an internal local oscillator (LO) as well as optional IF and RF filters that are explicitly made for 5G and satellite applications. With the built-in LO from TMYTEK's phase-locked oscillator (PLO) product line to ensure excellent phase noise performance, our UD Box makes radio frequency conversion easy and flexible.

Maximize Sub-6 GHz Instruments

TMYTEK UD Box is designed with great interoperability to extend your RF equipment. Labs can save costs on expensive mmWave instruments by making the best use of the existing sub-6 GHz test equipment. The up/down conversion from RF to IF easily addresses the possibilities of mmWave production.

Cover Most 5G Spectrum in one box

UD Box is a broadband 5G up and down converter that covers most 5G mmWave spectrums to extend the possibilities of your RF equipment. It operates up to 44 GHz (RF)/ 0.01 to 14 GHz (IF) and covers most 5G NR FR2 bands as well as lower broadband applications.

Up and Down Convert with ease

User experience matters when it comes to TMYTEK products. We made sure that RF up and down conversion is just a few clicks away with the support of our in-house intuitive GUI and API, they can save you time and effort to get the job done.

Key Features

  • RF: 24-44 GHz; IF: 0.01- 14 GHz
  • Built-in LO with 24-44 GHz control range
  • Highly precise OCXO reference clock
  • 10 MHz output and 100 MHz input/output synchronization
  • Bi-directional circuit topology
  • TMYTEK-made accessories, i.e. amplifier, band-pass filter (optional)
  • CE/FCC/UKCA/ICES certified

UD Box Series

UD Box 5G dual channel with a darker appearanceUD Box 5G dual channel with a darker appearanceUD Module
RF Frequency24 – 44 GHz6-30 GHz6 - 20 GHz
LO Frequency24 – 44 GHz6-30 GHz6 - 20 GHz
IF Frequency0.1 – 14 GHz1-8 GHz1 - 10 GHz
Build-in LOYesYesYes
Converversion loss13 dB typ.10 dB typ.10 dB typ.
10 MHz SyncNoYesYes
100 MHz SyncYesYesNo
Reference clockOCXOOCXOOCXO
Dimension150 x 120 x 65 mm³152 x 143 x 60 mm222 x 177 x 51 mm³
  1. 5G NR mmWave (n257-n260)
  2. Ka/Q-band Satellite
  1. Ku-band LEO Satellite
  2. WiFi-6e/7
  3. UWB
  4. Defense Radar
  5. 5G NR up-mid band FR3/FR2
  1. Ku-band LEO Satellite
  2. WiFi-6e/7
  3. UWB
  4. Defence Radar
Datasheet Download

UD Box 5G Introduction

Front of UD Box with dual channels. IF1, RF1, IF2, RF2. One the front panel, there are 7 LED lights that indicate the status of UD Box, eg., the channel being used, 10/ 100 MHz Sync, etc.
Back of UD Box with a LAN port, a power button, a DC IN port, a 100 MHz in/out port, a 10 MHz outport, and a +5V/+9V out port.
GUI that engineers can control LO frequencies as well as channels and reference ON/OFF functions in one unified view.

Software Ready

With our in-house designed GUI and API, users have extensive control of LO frequencies as well as channels and reference ON/OFF functions in one unified view. They provide convenience for production line automation and are perfect for research environments.

  • Simple step-by-step frequency settings
  • Total control over channel power, internal / external reference clock and DC output power
  • Friendly reminder of in-band harmonics
Multi-Channel Research and Applications Made Possible. UD Box Dual upgrades Sub 6 GHz instrument to analyze the performance of mmWave Device-under-test.

Multi-Channel Research and Applications Made Possible

TMYTEK UD Box comes in two variants, UD Box Single and UD Box Dual, to provide researchers flexibility for various research and application purposes. Built with a shared LO, TMYTEK UD Box is equipped with 100 MHz and 10 MHz clock references to support external synchronization with other devices. As a result, MIMO system development can be realized with multiple sets of UD Boxes while telecom carriers can perform Far Field Assessment Simulation for 5G mobile base stations with two sets of UD Box Dual and TMYTEK's beam tracking solution, saving you time and budget.
Compatible with Most Sub-6 GHz Instruments and expand the 5G mmWave related research possibilities.

Compatible with Most Sub-6 GHz Instruments

UD Box Series are bi-directional broadband frequency converters with a built-in programmable LO with a maximum frequency up to 44 GHz. It works seamlessly with most Sub-6 GHz instruments including Communication Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer (SA), Signal Generator (SG) and even Software Defined Radio (SDR). TMYTEK UD Box 5G upgrades instruments to perform an advanced 5G mmWave experiment with TMYTEK BBox and TMYTEK horn antenna.

Case Study - 5G mmWave Radar Giant Leap >

Learn more about Upgrade Sub-6 GHz >

5G New Radio UE/gNB Emulator Upgrade Solutions

5G New Radio UE/gNB Emulator Upgrade Solutions

TMYTEK UD Box upgrades Sub-6 GHz UE/gNB emulator to mmWave version to support applications such as signaling communication test with 3GPP standard defined function verification, high throughput performance testing capability, mmWave terminal function verification and performance testing, and 5G analysis from PHY to RRC/ NAS layer.

System Architectures

UD Box(Dual Channel) + Radio Communication + Horn Antenna
UD Box(Dual Channel) + Radio Communication + Horn Antenna

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Information & Documentation

What’s included
  • Single / Dual Channel UD Box 5G
  • Adapter & Adapter cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • User Guide
  • Test Report
  • Certificate


Does UD Box have an internal local or external reference clock?
Yes, TMYTEK UD Box has an internal reference clock for the internal local oscillator to adjust frequencies. We can also provide this 10 MHz reference clock output to synchronize external instruments with our UD Box.
What is the purpose of UD Box software?
TMXLAB Kit, the TMYTEK GUI integrates most of our products into one single interface. It allows developers to control LO frequencies, channels and reference ON/OFF functions. We also have API ready to help production line automation and research environment with extensive control.
What is the difference between single and dual UD Box?
Our UD Box comes in single and dual-channel variants. The advantage and exclusive features are that you can use two single-channel UD Boxes for non-coherent modulation and demodulation. One as the transmitter (Tx) and one as the receiver (Rx) for long-distance propagation measurement. Dual-channel can be used when you have limited space requirements or do not have distance requirements, such as using it in an anechoic chamber.
Is UD Box tied to specific instruments? If so, what instruments is it compatible with?
No, UD Box is not tied to any brand/instruments. It is compatible with almost all types of signal generators and analyzers available on the market. We have tested UD Box with instruments from Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, NI, Litepoint, etc, and we are still working on the integration with more instruments. Please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm if UD Box is compatible with your current application scenario and existing instruments.
Can UD Box convert IQ baseband signal to mmWave?
Currently, we do not have IQ products but the UD Box can be customized to convert signal output from mmWave to IQ baseband.

For more information, please contact your TMYTEK sales representative
Which frequency bands does UD Box cover for 5G communications (i.e. n257, n260…)?
UD Box RF frequency ranges from 24 to 44 GHz which covers all of the 5G NR FR2 frequency bands from n257 to n261.
I did not see any filter on the RF port for image rejection in the datasheet schematic. Is the image from the IF conversion rejected by a filter in the UD Box?
UD Box is a broadband device so the image rejection filter is not built-in. We have optional filters that you can choose to filter the unwanted signals or we can design a customized filter to fulfill the band you are interested in.
Can I use your amplifier together with UD Box via cable connection?
Yes, you can use one of our amplifiers with UD Box via cable connection.
What is the instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) of UD Box?
Our UD Box IF is from 0.01 to 14 GHz. The instantaneous bandwidth depends on the testing equipment, testing signal type and conditions. For reference, in 5G communication testing, we have tested using 5G NR 64 QAM on. The instantaneous bandwidth was around 100 MHz with an error vector magnitude (EVM) of 3%. On the other hand, we have also tested 4K video streaming. A bandwidth of 800 MHz is used to sustain a throughput of over 2.8 Gbps and an EVM of 3%.
Can UD Box work with Vector Network Analyzers for S21 measurements?
Yes, our UD Box along with our VNA Cal-Kit can upgrade low class/frequency VNA to high frequencies for S21 measurements.
Is it bi-directional?
It converts IF and RF signals in a bi-direction channel.
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