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Why UD Module?

Easily increase the frequency range of your testing instrument up to 20 GHz to cover more application scenarios by utilizing the UD Module (UDM) frequency converter. This converter offers an effective frequency extension while preserving current resources, in addition to providing optimal stability and accuracy for accurate and reliable test results.

WiFi-6/7 applications

UDM is specifically designed as a highly effective frequency converter to update your WiFi testing.

Ku-band LEO applications

UDM operates between 6 and 20 GHz in the Ku-band, making it ideal for satellite testing and communication.

UWB applications

UDM's vast bandwidth makes it suited for UWB (ultra-wide band) applications, providing a larger frequency range to take advantage of.

Key Features

• RF: 6 to 20 GHz
• IF: 1 to 10 GHz
• Adjustable LO frequency: 6 to 20 GHz
• Conversion Loss: 10 dB (typical)
• Integrated with an internal LO source
• Simultaneously up and down conversion for each channel
• Ideal for WiFi-6/7, UWB, LEO applications

Frequency Ranges of UD Series

Frequency Ranges of UD Series

Use Case

Upgrade the Tester & SDR

Upgrade your existing tester for extended applications such as WiFi-7

Embed into Equipments

Embedded UDM into your equipments such as Semiconductor ATE for mmWave testing

Download Datasheet

Download UD Module Datasheet

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