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What is mmW-Coverage

Planning the quantity and location of base stations are key factors in a successful deployment. mmW-Coverage solutions emulate gNB and UE with an SDR-based testbed, redistribute FR2 mmWave signals by reflectors to construct optimal coverage with reasonable cost.


Using an SDR-based gNB and UE is a powerful method to plan a deployment for a field. TMYTEK’s mmW-SDR testbed incorporates millimeter-wave technology and SDR for beamforming, beam tracking, and beam management in a network

Fast beam switching time

With a typical switching time of just 2 ms (Ethernet) or 2 μs (SPI Interface), our solution allows for rapid and accurate beamforming.

Fast beam steering time

Our typical T/R mode switching time is just 10 ns (GPIO), enabling quick and efficient transmission and reception.

Wide beam steering angle

TMYTEK’s 5G Beamformers offer 3D beamforming. The steering angle is ± 45° both vertically and horizontally.


5G FR2 enables eMBB and URLLC with low latency and excellent reliability. However, mmWave faces significant propagation losses and can be blocked by obstacles, making it challenging to achieve optimal signal coverage at efficient costs. TMYTEK's XRifle Reflector enables users to customize EM signal distributions, cover dead zones, and create cold zones.

Hybrid RIS

The Hybrid Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS), engineered for the 28 GHz FR2 band, achieves reflective angles through precise control of its element switches. It demonstrates exceptional performance in high-frequency applications, boasting a remarkable 60° reflective angle range that facilitates versatile signal control. With a scanning range of ±60 degrees, this system exhibits extensive adaptability. And its 1600 units ensures robust signal transmission through its 10 dB Tx antenna and an optimized 51 cm Tx-RIS distance, enhancing signal reflection and manipulation efficiency.

Seamless Beam Control

Effortlessly adjust beam angles.

Adaptive Reflection

Dynamically adapt reflection angles to meet application needs.

Versatile Deployment

Diverse deployment possibilities for passive reflectors and RIS, enhancing flexibility

mmW-Coverage Use Case: Indoor

Electromagnetic surface (ES) patterns on interior glass or PCBs redistribute mmWave signals from different angles, enabling telecom and system integrators to quickly produce signal hot-zones and cold-zones, and simulate actual mmWave deployment.

XRifle signal Heatmap with and without ES

mmW-Coverage Use Case: Extend Signal Cross Floors

The XRifle Reflector solves signal transmission challenges within commercial buildings by strategically extending signals bidirectionally between different floors through cable shafts. After the installation, the signal improved 30 dBm from -90 dBm to -60 dBm.
Explore how XRifle Reflectors extend the signal cross floors in this use case.

XRifle- Extend Signal Cross Floors

mmW-Coverage Use Case: Hybrid RIS

Using the NI USRP to generate a signal source, the signal is transmitted via the UD Box 5G for upconversion, with the BBox One serving as the transmission terminal. It is transmitted in an over-the-air (OTA) manner to the XRifle reflector with a 30-degree incidence angle.
The signal is then reflected at 10-degrees towards the hybrid RIS, where it is received with a 0-degree incidence angle. Subsequently, it is further reflected at 50-degrees toward the BBox Lite receiving end. The signal is downconverted through the UD Box 5G and analyzed by the NI USRP to observe real-time EVM, spectrum, and constellation diagram changes.

mmW-Coverage Use Case: Hybrid RIS


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