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Microwave Components

Driving Amplifier

Driving Amplifier (DA) is used in several places in the transceiver chain such as after the signal source or at the transmitter chain for amplifying signals to be broadcasted. Its function is to ensure RF signal is large enough to be detected. TMYTEK's driving amplifier (DA) is also made for broadband coverage similar to our LNA products. Its focus is also on the mmWave band for customers who are interested in mmWave transceiver and wireless applications. Our standard DAs cover the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz and they feature excellent gain, high output power, and exceptional noise performances. They are most suitable for customers looking for high gain, low noise figure, and wideband coverage amplifiers. This could be applicable to Point-to-Point radio, SATCOM, and wireless communication systems. Our DAs are packaged in coaxial connectorized modules which means we have taken care of all the biasing networks including built-in voltage regulation, bias sequencing, and reverse bias protection. This simplifies the use of DA and makes system integration a step easier.

Product NamePart NumberRF (GHz)Gain (dB)Noise Figure (dB)Output P1dB (dBm)Supply Voltage (V)Supply Current (mA)Package
0.01- 40 GHz Wideband AmplifierAMP-NC-0040-120.01 - 40123.51455Connectorized


Filters are a fundamental component in signal processing and it appears in numerous stages of the RF and mmWave systems. Their main functions are to pass signals within their passband and reject signals outside the passband in terms to provide 'filtering' to the wanted signal. Most of our filters are custom made for our customers to fit the specific needs for their applications in different bands of the spectrum. TMYTEK's filters offer superior rejection, low insertion loss, and excellent return loss. They are also compact in sizes for we designed the packaging ourselves in connectorized modules. Our standard filters cover the frequency range up to 53 GHz, but please refer to our customization guideline for more choices that we can offer.

Product NamePart NumberFilter TypeRF (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Low Side Rejection (dB)High Side Rejection (dB)Return Loss (dB)Package
n257 Band Pass FilterFT-BPF-n257-CBand Pass26.5 - 29.54.2304012.4Connectorized
27-29 GHz Band Pass FilterFT-BPF-270290-CBand Pass27.0 - 29.03.4404012Connectorized
n261 Band Pass FilterFT-BPF-n261-CBand Pass27.5 - 28.54.1253515Connectorized
n260 Band Pass FilterFT-BPF-n260-CBand Pass37.0 - 40.03.8403013.7Connectorized
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