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What is the CoCo Antenna?

Introducing the CoCo Antenna, our latest omnidirectional antenna solution designed for high-frequency applications. Operating within the 27-29 GHz range, this antenna is well-suited for 5G NR FR2 n257 or n261 bands, providing a consistent 7 dBi gain for broad and uniform signal coverage.

The integrated 2.92mm connector ensures a high-quality connection, essential for maintaining signal integrity in mmWave frequencies. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including emerging 5G networks and IoT devices where space and performance are critical.

Why TMYTEK’s CoCo Antenna?

Optimized Radome Design

Features a durable radome shell that protects the antenna from environmental factors while maintaining its performance characteristics.

Broad Coverage

Offers a solid 7 dBi gain for extensive and consistent omni-directional coverage.

Seamless Integration

The antenna features a standard 2.92mm (K) connector for convenient connection to RF modules and cables, enabling quick and reliable system integration.

CoCo Antenna Specs

Return LossdB10
Cross PolarizationdB20
3dB BeamwidthHorizontaldeg360


The top-view figure, representing the horizontal plane (H-plane) of the CoCo antenna, shows a circular-shaped radiation pattern. This characteristic shape signifies the antenna's omni-directional nature, indicating that it radiates or receives signals uniformly in all directions around the antenna. The circular pattern illustrates that the antenna provides consistent coverage regardless of the azimuth angle, ensuring a comprehensive horizontal coverage pattern.

The side-view figure, representing the vertical plane (E-plane), shows a doughnut-shaped radiation pattern. The maximum main beam is positioned at the center of the pattern, highlighting its effectiveness in providing maximum signal coverage in the elevational direction.


Use Case

The CoCo Antenna is an omni-directional antenna designed for comprehensive field measurements in the mmWave band, capturing data in all directions for a complete analysis. Once deployed, users can obtain detailed heat maps to visually represent signal strength and quality across various terrains, aiding in network optimization and planning with clear, actionable insights.

In this 5G NR FR2 communication use case, USRP is utilized to connect the UD Kit as an upconversion device through an RF cable, combined with the BBoard functioning as the transmitting end and the CoCo antenna as the receiving end. Hence, mutual transmission and feedback are facilitated through air propagation.

This process includes the transmission of real-time videos and the return of received signals to the USRP for analysis of the constellation diagram. This setup thus offers two separate Tx/Rx sets ideal for instructional use, demonstrating the capabilities of omni-directional communication in the evolving landscape of wireless technologies.

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