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Unlock the potential of mmWave technology with our comprehensive range of components including antennas, amplifiers, filters, and more. Explore now!

CoCo Antenna

Omnidirectional Antenna in the 27-29 GHz Range.

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Horn Antenna

Dual-Polarization,15-19 dBi Gain, 25-31 GHz.

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XRifle Reflectors

Eight RIS Reflectors Revolutionize Signal Coverage.

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20 - 40 GHz, 17 dB Gain, 20 dBm Output P1dB.

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n257, n260 band filters with 4.2 dB insertion loss and 12.4 dB return loss.

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Power Combiner

25-31 GHz, 2-Way, 15 dB Isolation, 2 dB Insertion Loss.

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Power Detector

100 MHz to 40 GHz with a 35 dB dynamic range.

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Phase-Locked Oscillator

High performance with Low phase noise. Up to 32 pre-configured Frequencies.

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